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Siyabalanduwa 100MW Solar Power Plant to be built under private sector investments

Dec 08, 2020 (LBO) – The necessary preliminary steps have been taken to implement the Siyabalanduwa Solar Power Plant such as studying the feasibilities, Securing the lands and environmental evaluations.

The assistance of the Asian Development Bank has been received to conduct an analysis on the procedure that should have to follow to develop that power plant and the finance.

It has been proved by the analysis that the proposed project with transmission infrastructure should be implemented as a single procument of 100 MW single power plant and transmission facilities in order to obtain a minimum power consume charge for the generation and transmission of a unit of electricity according to the various capacity opportunities that could be implemented.

Cabinet of Ministers has approved the proposal tabled by the Minister of Electricity to initiate the procument procedure by the Ceylon Electricity Board, the licensee of transmission, to implement the proposed project through private sector investments and to construct the power line from Medagama to Ampara by the Ceylon Electricity Board under the aforementioned project.

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