Slow Lane

July 26, 2009 (LBO) – Too many transport ministries and agencies which do not co-ordinate effectively has resulted in poor transport service in Sri Lanka and delayed its aim of becoming a hub, an expert said. There were also high levels of exclusion between different modes – land, water, air – with three ministries involved.

Although ports and aviation are under one minister, they were actually two separate ministries with different policies.

“There are two policies for the same ministry – ports and aviation. They should be within the context of one national policy,” Bandara said.

“Why things are not moving is because integration is not there . . because of the existence of multiple agencies responsible for different sectors of transport systems and poor co-ordination among them.

“What we need to do is try and get proper co-ordination among these agencies. A national transport makes it easier.”

Bandara said there were also inefficiencies in freight transport and no attempt to promote inter-modalism in travel choice – integration between different modes.

“If integration is not there we will have a draft national transport policy for ever,” Bandara said. “We’ve forgotten that t

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