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SLT-DIGITAL services and Surge Global forge strategic partnership


SLT-DIGITAL Services, the marketing services and digital engagement
solutions arm of SLT-MOBITEL group, has entered into a strategic partnership with Surge Global, a technology and marketing consulting company founded in Sri Lanka, to empower local enterprises, to
drive growth marketing and develop enterprise software solutions.

The SLT-DIGITAL and Surge Global collaboration aims to help businesses manage their digital ecosystems from setup to running ROI-driven campaigns, focused on taking data driven approaches to a brand’s
digital presence and activities.

Using localized knowledge and global standards, the partnership focuses on supporting businesses to take on local and global stages and for long term value creation for their customers.

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Janaka Abeysinghe, Chief Executive Officer, SLT Group stated, “Today, businesses face complex challenges in meeting customer expectations and driving growth. The strategic partnership between SLT-DIGITAL and Surge Global is significant in our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for large enterprises in the digital era.

SLT-DIGITAL Services will be able to offer a comprehensive suite of
services, from web solutions to growth marketing and software development, tailored to empower clients on their digital transformation. We are able to bring global technology and strategy to local
brands and create value for both our existing and new clients."

“In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, customer expectations have become more intricate, demanding personalized content delivered seamlessly across various touch points. As a result, software
development and product re-engineering have become crucial for businesses embarking on their digital transformation journey. To assist brands in achieving a successful outcome and maximizing their
investment, SLT-DIGITAL together with Surge Global is offering strategic consultancy services to develop practical use cases that deliver measurable returns on investment,” said Upul Manchanayake, CEO SLT- DIGITAL Services.

Additionally, the strategic partnership brings together a unique mix of capabilities of design, development, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, content, optimization and media distribution and management. Businesses benefit from the ability to build and scale their brands from scratch while driving revenue and mapping digital activity to ROI.

“We are excited about the partnership. It unlocks a new area of opportunity for Surge as we can bring global world class technology and strategy to local brands. Our venture into the local market together with SLT Group enables us to work hand in hand to plug skills into the group’s already existing customer base while also creating value for new clients,” said Bhanuka Harischandra, Founder and CEO Surge Global.

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The collaboration is aligned to SLT-DIGITAL's key objectives of strengthening its capabilities in areas such as web solutions, digital marketing, and software development. SLT-DIGITAL initially focused these
capabilities on supporting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Today, the company is now poised to explore opportunities beyond.

Through the strategic partnership, SLT-DIGITAL stands to gain a multitude of advantages including access to international expertise and a team of technopreneurs, expertise in product engineering for start-ups and enterprise-level platforms, as well as for enterprise product development, supported by a team of over 400 software engineers. SLT-DIGITAL gains proficiency in growth marketing, lead generation, organic and social reach, as well as strengthens data analysis capabilities for actionable

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