Small Change


The state is looking at absorbing up to about 25 percent or as much as half the cost of laying rain guards for rubber trees on smallholder estates this year.rn

rnLaying the plastic skirt-like rain guards over the areas to be tapped protects it in heavy rainfall areas like the Ratnapura and the Kalutara districts.rn

rnIncreasing the use of rain guards has been identified by the state Rubber Research Institute as the best way to up yields in the short term.rn

rnldblquote The only rapid way available for substantial yield improvement in the rubber plantations is by fixing rain guards to prevent rain interruption during harvesting
dblquote , Director at the RRI, Dr. L.M.K Tillekeratne said.rn

rnldblquote By means of rain guards, small estates in places like Ratnapura have been able to recover over 30 percent yield and therefore earn an additional income of Rs.25, 758 per hectare
dblquote , Tillekeratne said.rn

rnEach rain guard that can be used for a year costs Rs.13.69. They eliminate the need for

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