Small Mercies

The Central Bank said Friday, that inflation measured by the Colombo Consumer Price Index for February dropped 1.1 percent over January to 3423.1.
Central Bank said the availability of food items, mainly of upcountry vegetables, led to a drop in Februarys inflation.rn

rnThe CCPI is the official measure of price changes within the Colombo Municipality for lower income groups published by the Census and Statistics Dept.rn

rnThe CCPIs annual average increase rose to 10.2 percent from 10.0 percent in January 2003.rn

rnThe Central Banks own Colombo District Consumer Price Index, which tracks the lowest 40 percent of income earning households, but covering a wider geographical area, also fell by 0.1 percent in February. rn

rnOn a point-to-point basis, the CDCPI dropped to 4.0 percent from 5.2 per cent in January. The CDCPIs annual average also slipped to 6.1 percent compared to 6.5 per cent recorded in January.rn

rnSince last year, the government has shifted to a market-base pricing mechanism for k