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Small Start

A gazette notification spelling out the government quote s decision will be announced in August, Treasury sources said.
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rnrnHowever, broader pension reforms like allowing members flexibility to chose their own pension fund would come through next year via a new Superannuation Act. Some of the upcoming changes include issuing a bond for existing EPF holders if they wish to invest in private pension funds, a unique number in the lines of the national identity card be used for superannuation contributions and so on.

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rnrnA top level committee headed by Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and Eagle Insurance chief Chandra Jayaratne is now looking at several global models including the successful Chilean government quote s pension reforms.

rnrnThe team has already presented some of its ideas to the Financial Reforms committee headed by Central Bank Governor A S Jayawardene.

rnrnDespite a lot of work going into the present draft Superannuation bill, the Jayaratne committee is to draft a new bill and have it ready for

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