Smart Traffic

Mar 18, 2013 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s expressways will get hi-tec equipment to monitor traffic, disseminate information including weather and analyze data to solve problems relating to traffic conditions, the Japan International Co-operation Agency said. Data from existing closed circuit TV cameras, patrol vehicles, Police and expressway users could also be combined and relevant information disseminated through signboards, internet, text messages and mass media to users, the JICA said.

JICA will provide 940 million yen (1.2 billion rupees) as a grant to buy equipment to set up an Intelligent Transport System for part of Sri Lanka’s Southern Expressway and the Outer Circular Expressway around the capital Colombo that is to be completed shortly.

Traffic counters and rain gauges for data collection, traffic monitoring and a control center for data monitoring and management, and variable message signboards (VMS) or electronic displays to show information to users will be provided.

Weather and traffic condition information could be disseminated.

The expressway operation, management and maintenance unit (EOM&M) of the Road Development Authority will able to collect traffic volume and other data from the equipment and analyze the information.