Snazzy Gadget

NEW YORK, June 29, 2007 (AFP) – Apple’s iPhone, one of the most eagerly awaited devices in years, went on sale Friday with technology fashionistas queued up country wide to shell out at least 500 dollars for the cell phone-music/video player. Lines up to 400 people deep snaked from the doors of Apple and AT&T shops from New York to San Francisco for the countdown to the 6:00 pm release in respective time zones, with some eager early adopters having camped out in tents since Monday for the chance to be among the first to get an iPhone.

“This looks like the start of a new era of technology, like the turn of the century,” said Tanith Nichols as he sat in a canvas camping chair in the early morning darkness outside Apple’s store in downtown San Francisco.

At the Apple store on New York’s 5th Avenue, some 160 people were in line at 8:30 this morning as television crews filmed the crowd.

“I hardly slept since I came Thursday morning,” said Jessica Rodriguez, 24, as she waited.

The fever is over what could be the most-hyped personal electronic device in history, a slim, pocket-sized machine from the innovative Apple computer company that, enthusiasts say, “does it all.”

The iPhone merges mobile telephone, Internet browsing,