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Soothing EGOs

Soothing balm over the telecom industry, the government announced the final tariffs external gateway operators should pay local networks to terminate traffic.
For the first year, external gateway operators or EGO have to pay US$ 0.
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11 or around Rs. 10.60 per minute on all international incoming calls terminating on local networks.rn

rnldblquote The fixed charge will decline rapidly over the next five years in a way that will maintain Sri Lankas competitiveness in industries that use telecommunications services as a key input, dblquote the Mass Communications Ministry said in a release on Friday.rn

rnIncoming Local Access Charge or iLAC endash paid to domestic operators who terminate international calls from local networks endash will start at US$ 0.72 and drop to US$ 0.01 in the sixth year.rn

rnOutgoing Local Access Charge or oLAC endash charged on outgoing international calls handed over to EGOs by domestic operators endash will start at Rs. 4.40 in 2003-04, with a Rs. 0.50 cents drop each s

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