Southern Bound — Budget 2004

The government unveiled grand policies to develop the Southern province with plans to develop an airport, a port and set up an oil refinery.
Finance Minister K N Choksy told legislators on Wednesday that the Southern expressway will be extended to Hambantota and Wellawaya.rn

rnldblquote Our infrastructure development plan also envisages the development of a port and the establishment of a coal power plant and an oil refinery in Hambantota,
dblquote he told legislators while unveiling plans for the governments 2004 budget.rn

rnInitial studies have shown that it is financially viable to set up an airport in Kuda Oya to facilitate increased tourism in the Southern region.rn

rnChoksy said preliminary steps that have been taken so far include a site survey, a feasibility study and the identification of sources of funding.rn

rnHe did not disclose how much it would cost to set up the new airport.rn


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