Southern Roar

Rajapaksa was better known for his loyalty towards Sri Lanka Freedom Party, the key constituent party of PA, which his father helped to form, than his loyalty towards the President.

rnrnDuring his stint as the Labour Minister in the PA government he introduced the controversial Labour Charter, which earned him the wrath of business community.

rnrnRajapaksa increasingly styled himself as a left-leaning politician and even issued a statement that he will stop all privatisation initiatives during his tenure as the Shipping Minister.

rnrnHowever, he strongly criticised the PA government quote s election strategy of building an alliance with leftist JVP, claiming it eroded their vote base resulting in the election defeat.

rnrnPolitical analysts say Rajapaksa is likely to break ties with the JVP and concentrate on building a new identity for the routed PA.

rnrnHowever, analysts note that his ultimate success on building a strong opposition capable of defeating UNP, would depend on his ability to adopt to

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