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Speed Bumps

But the industry is hard pressed to ride the crest, due to high costs to roll out refurbishment and expansion plans, as it is still recovering from a period of non-profitability.rn

rnDespite political hiccups, the ongoing ceasefire agreement saw 500,642 tourists visit the island in 2003, spending over US$ 300 mn in the process.rn

rnBoom times are expected to continue in 2004, provided there are no serious mishaps in the security situation, and stockbrokers LOLC Securities is betting on 630,000 arrivals (a 25.8 percent growth) this year.rn

rnThe hotel and travel sectors was also one of the top performing stocks on the Colombo bourse last year, growing 61 percent to account for around Rs. 27.2 bn (10.35 percent) of the CSEs total market capitalisation.

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rnThe boom times will continue this year, says LOLC, growing at around 40 percent to end the year at 1328 points.rn

rnThe report also points out a number speed bumps ranging from a stagnated peace process, domestic politics, a limited range of pro

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