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Split Options

Telecom operators have provisionally consented to split transit operation revenue in a 40:60 basis to replace the present 20:80 ratio.
However, the new ratio will not be implemented despite a majority of operators consenting to the revision.

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rnThe telecom watchdog will attempt to obtain unilateral approval from all players before implementing the new revenue sharing rate, Telecommunication Regulatory Commission officials say. rn

rnTransit operations will allow telco firms without interconnection agreements to contract with a single party, already holding interconnection agreement with other networks, to terminate its calls. rn

rnThe firm opting to go through a single source will pay an estimated Rs. 7.20 a minute to the operator for the services. rn

rnUnder a present set up, the firm terminating the call will only keep 20 per cent of this revenue, passing on the balance to the operator receiving the call. rn

rnIndustry sources say the 20 per cent was not sufficient to cover a telecom oper

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