Sri Lanka and World Bank sign USD150 mn deal to strengthen financial sector resilience

The Government of Sri Lanka (GOSL) and the World Bank signed an agreement for $150 million in financing for Sri Lanka to strengthen the resilience of the financial sector through the Financial Sector
Safety Net Strengthening Project (FSSNP). In parallel, the project agreement between the World Bank and the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) was also entered in respect of the project implementation arrangements.

The project development objective is to strengthen Sri Lanka's financial sector safety net with the focus on the Sri Lanka Deposit Insurance Scheme (SLDIS), which is managed by the CBSL. The project also aims to strengthen the financial and institutional capacity of SLDIS in line with international best practices for effective deposit insurance schemes.

The CBSL will be the Implementing Agency of FSSNP. The Deposit Insurance Scheme of Sri Lanka was legally instituted and named as the Sri Lanka Deposit Insurance Scheme with the enactment of the Banking (Special Provisions) Act, No. 17 of 2023.

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