Sri Lanka biz chamber urges transparency at power utility after hike

Apr 19, 2013 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said the latest hike will see power costs going up by 20 to 30 percent and the state power utility to should follow the directions of the regulator to increase its transparency.
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The Chamber said the Public Utilities Commission had not made adjustments to tariffs after a public consultation but had issued a series of directions to the Ceylon Electricity Board.

"These recommendations, when implemented, are expected to increase transparency and monitoring of generation plants which will lead to reduction of costs," the Ceylon Chamber said.

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"We urge the CEB to give priority to implementation of these directions.

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"On average, the increase is estimated at around 20 percent - 30 percent, " the Chamber said.

" It will be difficult for businesses to absorb such an increase and it will result in a sharp fall in profitability.

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Exporters will also be hit at a time when global demand was lower, the chamber said.

Up to now however exporters have been enjoying subsidies at the expense of general purpose consumers.

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Consumers raised queries about the West Coast plant in Kerawalapitiya which has been built by Lanka Transformers, a related company of the C

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