Sri Lanka bring in more price controls for consumer goods

Nov 19, 2015 (LBO) - Sri Lanka’s Consumer Affairs Authority has brought in a new set of Maximum Retail Prices (MRPs) for six new essential consumer items to be effective from 20 November. “The new maximum prices are introduced to safeguard consumers from sudden market hikes, especially in the forthcoming festival season,” Rishad Bathiudeen, Minister of  Trade and Commerca said in a statement yesterday. Prices of five essential items have not been changed while MRPs for six essential items have been introduced.
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The six essential items include Mysoor dhal 190 rupees per kilo, potatoes 145 rupees per kilo, big onion 155 rupees per kilo, chicken 480 rupees per kilo, packeted wheat flour 95 rupees per kilo and dried chillies 355 rupees per kilo. The five essential items whose prices have not been changed are unpacketed white sugar.
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87 rupees per kilo, packeted white sugar  95 rupees per kilo, unpacketed wheat flour 87 rupees per kilo, canned fish (net weight 425g drained weight 280g) 140 rupees and canned fish (net weight 155g drained weight 105g 70 rupees.
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Three other items for which small price increments are introduced are chicken meat whole chicken with skin increased by 20 rupees from gazetted price of 380 rupees per kilo to 400 rupees, imported, unpacketed dried sprats up by 25 rupees from gazetted price of 385 rupees per kilo to 410 rupees and imported, packeted dried sprats up by 5 rupees from gazetted price of 425 rupees per kilo to 430 rupees.
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8 years ago

Correct move in a difficult time for the whole world.People of the country rank 1st,2nd,& 3rd.Most damages are not caused by the people & public is not there to to share burdens created by few individuals. Dhal may be further reduced without direct damage to other local stuff.H.E/PM should call/interview the top rung (politicians+ officers one by one to check weather the relevant persons have understood the yahapalana manifesto/concepts or run out of new ideas for complex problems & rank personnel.each time. Last five to leave providing places for a potential 5 thus infusing fresh blood + fresh thinking.

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