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Sri Lanka can better harness its potential for bio-gas and renewable energy technology

Nov 18, 2015 – Bio-gas can be used in Sri Lanka as a cheaper and cleaner renewable energy alternative to petroleum-based fuels, EU SWITCH-Asia, an European Union program that supports clean energy consumption and production said.
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“Asia is the centre of domestic biogas development with close to 50 million operational units installed,” the initiative said in a statement.
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“Medium scale biogas takes on significance, especially as a waste management solution, with thousands of installations in such facilities as hotels, textile and food-processing factories, public buildings, markets and households.
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” The EU program supports sustainable energy consumption and production and aims to get consumers to switch to cleaner and renewable sources of energy. “Sri Lanka has great potential to conduct a successful biogas programme given its ability to attract biogas users and novel technologies from within the country and outside,” said SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, Renewable Energy Senior Strategy Officer, Wim J.
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van Nes. “As a country that strives for independence and self-sufficiency, it’s important that various stakeholders look into innovations for market to drive growth and development in the biogas and renewable energy sectors.” The programme was also supported by the Ministry of Power and Energy, The Delegation of the European Union to Sri Lanka and the Maldives, Asian Development Bank, United Nations Development Programme, Energy for All, SNV, People in Need, Help-O, Janathakshan.
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