Sri Lanka capital to get wetland and beach parks

Mar 11, 2014 (LBO) – Wetland’s in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo will be preserved and a educational wetland park is also being built, under a World Bank funded program to improve the city, an official said. Seneviratne also said the two ‘beach parks’ will be set up in the north and south Colombo.

Rohan Seneviratne additional secretary of Sri Lanka’s urban development ministry told a recent LBR-LBO Chief Executive Forum in Colombo, that Mathew Simpson, an international expert on wetland management is advising Sri Lankan authorities.

There has also been concern over the destruction of wetlands in parts of Colombo amid fast development especially in the Southern part of the capital.

Seneviratne who is in charge of a World Bank funded section said wetlands under the project will be preserved.

“We very concerned about wetlands and how we should protect wetlands,” Seneviratne said.

“Wetlands are very very important for the city. They create a lot of value addition to the city, in flood control, water quality improvement and bio-diversity.

“We wanted to protect our wetlands and therefore we are creating a wetland park that is to educate children and others.”

He said a strategic