Sri Lanka citizens’ group raises budget issues, calls for better debate

Nov 06, 2012 (LBO) – Friday Forum, a Sri Lankan citizens group has asked for informed debate on the budget by parliamentarians instead of a slanging match, and has asked the administration to prioritize expenses and pay attention to a growing debt burden.

The full statement is reproduced below:


Women struggling to sustain homes, wage earners, the business community and economists and other professionals, all await the presentation to parliament of the government’s budget proposals for the year 2013, on 8th November 2012. All of them, no doubt, have their own concerns and expectations as to the impact the national budget would have on their own budgets and economic well being. Many of them will also be entertaining thoughts of its impact, on the country itself and the nation’s well being.

Friday Forum, as a group of concerned citizens committed to social justice, the rule of law and democratic change, wishes to place some thoughts before the public, legislators and the government, on what it hopes, the budget will address and what the budgetary process and the outcome of that process, ought to be.

We wish that the processes involved in the development, approval and the effective imple

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