Sri Lanka condemns ‘divisive’ UN report

April 27, 2011 (AFP) – Sri Lanka rejected Wednesday what it called a “divisive” and flawed report commissioned by UN chief Ban Ki-moon which holds the government responsible for thousands of civilian deaths in its civil war. “The public release of the report at this stage is divisive, and disrupts our efforts to reinforce peace, security and stability in Sri Lanka,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

“It feeds into the political agendas of interested parties,” the statement said.
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The report released Monday highlighted “credible allegations” that both the Sri Lankan army and Tamil Tiger rebels had been involved in violations that could amount to war crimes or crimes against humanity.

The allegations refer to the final months of the government’s ultimately successful 2009 offensive against the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in which tens of thousands of civilians are estimated to have died.

The foreign ministry statement said the report was “fundamentally flawed in many respects” and based on “biased material, which is presented without any verification”.

Sri Lanka has repeatedly denied any rights violations and President Mahinda Rajapakse has called for this year’s May Day rall

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