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Sri Lanka could cut carbon emissions 19-pct with green moves: ADB study

Mar 06, 2013 (LBO) - Sri Lanka could cut green house gas emissions by 19 percent by 2020 by increasing energy efficiencies and by using green power technologies, an Asian Development Bank study has said. Sri Lanka offers high tariffs for municipal waste energy but no firm project has so far come forward, with industry analysts saying the island's municipal waste tending to have material with low energy potential with high water content.

Other emissions reductions could come from adopting more energy-efficient refrigerators, air conditioners, boilers, electric motors, vehicles and other equipment.

Sri Lanka also has ample scope for bioethanol and biodiesel production as well as wind power, the study said.

The study say a 'carbon tax' of 15 to 41 dollar a tonne, could cut emissions by 22 percent, which was the highest seen among five South Asian countries.
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Sri Lanka also subsidizes fossil fuel based energy and it is not clear how lifting subsidies and market pricing power, diesel as well as non-discriminatory taxation of diesel and petrol will help improve energy efficiency.

"Sri Lanka has the potential to avoid emissions of over 5.

6 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in 202
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