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Sri Lanka Cricketers’ Association announces new awards

Oct 31, 2006 (AFP) - The Sri Lanka Cricketers' Association (SLCA) on Tuesday announced an awards scheme for the country's leading domestic and international players.
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"A lot of countries have such awards.
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This is something that we've been thinking of seriously and want to initiate," Pramodaya Wickaramasinghe, president of the SLCA, told AFP.
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"Domestic cricket has been one of our major concerns.

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We feel there's not much recognition for it, though it plays a vital part. We have a sponsor and will have a grand awards ceremony early next year," he said.
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The awards will carry a total cash prize of Rs.

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12 million (120,000 dollars), with the player of the year set to receive Rs.
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250,000 (2,500 dollars).

Apart from players, some umpires, coaches and curators are also likely to be honoured at the ceremony.

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The SLCA, which comprises former and present cricketers, recently introduced a pension scheme for former players in which everyone over the age of 55 gets Rs. 10,000 (100 dollars) per month.

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The association was also involved in negotiating contracts for players earlier this year.

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