Sri Lanka CSE opens amendments to listing rules for public comment


Apr 18, 2017 (LBO) – The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) seeks to obtain the views of the public and stakeholders of the CSE, including listed companies, regarding the proposed amendments to certain Listing Rules of the CSE.

The amendments have been proposed with a view to facilitate the implementation of an appropriate enforcement mechanism with the continuous listing rules by listed companies, the CSE said in a statement.

Rules have been revisited to establish a enforcement mechanism in relation to certain key continuous listing requirements including, corporate governance, timelines for submission of interim financial statements and annual report, submission of audited financial statements containing modified audit opinions and emphasis of matter on going concern, related party transactions and minimum public holding requirements.

Through this revision, the CSE also hopes to enhance the quality, transparency and the timeliness of the disclosure of information.

Members of the general public could access and learn more about the proposed amendments via the CSE website and submit comments in writing.

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