Sri Lanka dealers offer lower prices if older car imports allowed

Nov 09, 2011 (LBO) – Sri Lankan importers of used Japanese vehicles said they can sell cars for around two million rupees each if allowed to import slightly older vehicles and a tax anomaly removed. Yoga Perera, president of the Vehicle Importers’ Association, said they had asked for the concessions in the government budget that is to be presented to parliament later in November .

A sharp reduction in import taxes in 2010 led to a flood of vehicle imports as well as the emergence of many new dealers, Perera told a news conference. Value added tax was cut to 12 percent from 20 percent.

“We’ve asked the government to consider in its forthcoming budget extending the age of imported vehicles to two and a half years from two years now and to remove the double VAT taxation we’re now subject to,” he said.

“If these two proposals are granted importers will be in a strong position to supply vehicles for around two million rupees,” Perera said. “Most customers are those within this budget.”

Japanese reconditioned vehicles have accounted for the majority of vehicle imports for the last 40 years and Sri Lankan motorists are used to them, Perera said.

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