Sri Lanka electricity supply reaches 94-pct

Nov 26, 2012 (LBO) – By the end of 2012 94 percent of Sri Lanka’s population will have access to electricity including improvements to the grid in war-torn areas in the island’s north, the power ministry said. In 2012, 227,913 new customers had been connected. Off-grid power was provided to 40,000 households.

The distribution network in the northern Jaffna peninsular which was isolated from the national grid was connected through an ‘express line’ this year.

A 24 MegaWatt generator running on heavy fuel was commissioned in Jaffna which had improved system stability and reduce some cost, the power ministry said.

Ukuwela, Wimalsurendra, New Laxapana and Old Laxapana hydro power stations were rehabilitated.

The power ministry said 37.4 billion rupees of subsidies were given to small households who consume less than 90 units a month.

Another 23 billion rupees in subsidies were given to industries, which are a powerful special interest group.

Places of worship were give 688 million rupees worth power subsidies bring total subsidies to 61 billion rupees.

Industries, including export industries which sell to customers in rich countries, are a powerful lobby asking for electricit

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