Sri Lanka electricity tariff revision breakdown


With immediate effect, Sri Lanka's power regulator, the Public Utilities Commission Wednesday approved a 66 per cent hike in electricity tariffs.

The rate hike is expected to generate an additional income of 287 billion rupees for the Ceylon Electricity Board and was done with the approval of three commission members of the PUCSL.

However, Chairman of the Commission Janaka Ratnayake opposed the rate hike.

According to the new electricity bill hike proposal:

The electricity tariff of Rs 360 paid for 30 electricity units so far can be increased to Rs 1,300. That's an increase of 261 percent.

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This gives an opportunity to increase the electricity tariff of Rs. 680 for 60 units by Rs.1,880.

The existing electricity tariff of Rs.

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1,800 for 90 electricity units will increase to Rs.4430.

The existing electricity tariff of Rs. 3,900 for 120 units will increase by 74 percent

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