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Sri Lanka external trade expands in June

Aug 22, 2013 (LBO) - Sri Lanka's exports rose 6.8 percent to 807.4 million US dollars in June 2013 from a year earlier with apparel exports up 14.9 percent to 356.8 million US dollars, official data showed.
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In the six months to June exports dropped 4.
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5 percent to 4.66 billion US dollars, imports dropped 5.8 percent to 9,217 million US dollars and the trade gap expanded 7.

1 percent to 4,556 million US dollars.

Worker remittances rose 9 percent to 3.2 billion US dollars in the first six months and tourism earnings rose 22.9 percent to 565.3 million US dollars. Inflows to the stock market fell to 120 million US dollars from 186 million.

Inflows to commercial banks (exports of bank debt) were 664 million US dollars in the six months and inflows to the government were 918 million US dollars down from 1,086 million last year.

Update II Apparel exports to the US rose 24.8 percent while exports to the EU rose 6.

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7 percent in June, the Central Bank said.

Exports of machinery and mechanical items had risen 25.5 percent and rubber products had risen 7.7 percent to 69 million US dollars.

Agricultural exports were up 8.1 percent to 192.6 million US dollars with tea growing 14.5 percent

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