Sri Lanka FDI flows reach $817mn in the first half 2014

August 21,2014 (LBO) – Foreign direct investment flows to Sri Lanka in the first half of 2014 reached 817 million US dollars up 51 percent and the full year was expected to bring 2.5 billion US dollars, investment promotion minister Lakshman Abeywardena said. The money had come mainly from Krrish, Indian mixed development projects and Hong Kong based Shangri-La hotels with top sectors being tourism, mixed development projects and manufacturing.

Shangri-La hotels has paid about 10 million US dollars in these months, Lakshman Abeywardena, Minister of Investment Promotion told reporters in Colombo.

Also Krris has paid us about 500,000 US dollars of deposits during the two month.

Global FDI has been estimated about 1.46 trillion US dollars in 2013. About 52 percent has been invested in developing economies. About 406 billion US dollars has been invested in developing Asia last year.

BOI says Sri Lanka shows an increasing trend where the Island had received 7,141 million dollars in 2013 up 72 percent from year 2006.

The challenge is how to attract more investors into the island, Nihal Samarappuli, Executive Director of Research & Policy Advocacy, Ministry of Investment promotion said.

Sri Lanka received 442 mil