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Sri Lanka floods hit 90,000 people, no cyclone threat

May 08, 2013 (LBO) - Heavy rains have left 90,000 people hit by floods in Sri Lanka's Western province around the capital Colombo, but there was no cyclone threat, authorities said.

However general public has been advised to be vigilant about heavy rain, lightning activities and localized strong winds during thundershowers.

Torrential rains over the past few days had put large parts of Wattala (18,249 people), Kelaniya (17,198 people), Mahara (5,533 people) and Katana (5,232) areas north o fthe capital under water.

Sri Lanka's disaster management office said 22 camps had been set up to house 1,800 families who were left homeless.

Channa Rodrigo a meteorologist at Sri Lanka's Met Office said raid the rains came from a low pressure system in the ocean off the south east of the island, and there was no immediate cyclone threat.

There had been some media reports originating in India about the possibility of a cyclone developing in the Indian Ocean.

But the public have been warning to be vigilant about heavy rain, lightning and localized strong winds.

By 8.30 am on Wednesday, Katunayake had received the highest of rainfall.

By 8.30 in the morning Katu

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