Sri Lanka former war-zone agri produce on show

June 19, 2013 (LBO) – Farmers in Sri Lanka’s former war zones in the North and East are cultivating more land but need modern technology to improve yields, officials who are organizing a trade show to link them to buyers said. Under tariff protection, where prices are higher than the rest of the world, there is no real incentive for farmers adopt new techniques and improve productivity.

The ‘AgBiz North’ exhibition, which showcasing the efforts of farmers in the north is organized by Sri Lanka’s National Agri Biz Council, an industry body and Practical Action, a non-governmental organization.

It will be held on July 26 and July 27. Practical Action is giving technology to farmers to improve their cultivation practices

“The level of technology adapted by farmers in the north, the level of interaction with the markets, the level of services available to do there agriculture business properly is at very low level,” Practical Actions’ Jayantha Gunasekera said.

He says farmers in the north have been cut off from modern machinery for years and techniques such as tissue culture which improve yields, are almost unheard of.

The exhibition will strengthen links between producers and buyers, Gunasekera said.