Sri Lanka former war zone economy transformation seen

Aug 20, 2010 (LBO) – Northern Sri Lanka, where education was highly valued before war retarded its growth, has potential to be transformed into a ‘knowledge economy’ from its traditional agrarian cum fisheries base, a statement said. An open forum on ‘Pathways to Knowledge-based Development’ in northern Jaffna is being organised by the Point Pedro Institute of Development (PPID) in partnership with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES).

The event is to be held on September 02, 2010 around the time of the traditional Nallur Hindu festival, the statement from the PPID said.

“The primary objective of this public conclave is to present submissions and debate the ways and means and costs and benefits of transforming the traditional agrarian cum fisheries economy of Jaffna and the north into a modern knowledge-based economy.”

The event is purposefully organised during the time of the Nallur temple festival to tap the large number of people from around the country and abroad who visit Jaffna during this festive season.

Sri Lanka’s north and east were wracked by ethnic strife for 30 years. The war ended in May 2009 resulting in an economic revival.