Sri Lanka gets Indian support in human rights battle

June 05, 2009 (LBO) – India has rapped UN human rights commissioner Navi Pillai saying she should not abuse her position to pursue hidden agendas against Sri Lanka. Ambassador Gopinath Achamkulangare of India said in a statement India believes that the commissioner will accept the outcome the special session on Sri Lanka without taking a position on contested proposals and controversial issues which were not accepted by a majority of members.

He was responding to Pillai’s remarks on Sri Lanka calling for a human rights probe at the UN human rights commission in Geneva even after the commission rejected a similar Western proposal and supported the island’s war against the Tamil Tigers.

The Indian envoy said it would be “extremely unfortunate” if the inter-governmental decisions adopted by the human rights council, were to be ignored or set aside.

He also said it would be unfortunate if High Commissioner Pillai or her office were to “misinterpret” the decisions or “willfully neglect” them, or supersede them according to “their convenience”.

India’s Achamkulangare warned that Pillai should not act in accordance with the agenda of “some states, or unr