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Sri Lanka government is to allocate 15,000 million rupees for irrigation projects: Budget 2015

Oct 25, 2014 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s government to allocate 15,000 million rupees to develop irrigation system in the Island, President Mahinda Rajapaksa said presenting a budget for 2015.
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Sri Lanka which has a rich history in hydrology has some of the best man-made lakes in the world.
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Most of the island’s lakes or Samudraya's were built during the era of kings.

The island made famous for its natural scenery by travellers hundreds years ago is blessed with approximately 4,500 kilometres of rivers, 2,400 immigration canals and 3,500 deep water tanks.

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The island also benefits from countless reservoirs and artificial and natural wet lands that replenish the hydro cycle.

But despite rich water resources about one quarter of the country has difficult access to safe drinking water and things turn to the worst when the dry season arrives.

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Government said this money will be allocated for the development of Yaan oya (brook), Uma Oya, Moragahakanda development project, Gin river,Nilawali river , Kelani river, Awpe irrigation system, Ma oya (brook), Badulu oya , Badulu oya ranalla , Malwathu oya, Kalinga nuwara weli oya , Kalugal oya , Maa gal gamuwa lake, Thalpitigala water reservoir and to expand the newly built water projects of Weheragala , Rabukkan oya ,Daduru oya.

The government plans to improve the livelihood of people who have make a living from these water resources.

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Another 2000 million rupees has been allocated to build irrigation systems in dry zones Sri Lanka, President said.

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