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Sri Lanka halts sale of baby formula, foreign milk power advertising

Aug 07, 2013 (LBO) - Sri Lanka has halted the sale of imported baby formula following a contamination scare over New Zealand made dairy products and media organizations will be asked to stop advertising milk products, a senior health official said.
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Heath services director general Palitha Mahipala said a food advisory committee that met yesterday had taken the decisions.

Sri Lanka yesterday stopped clearing milk powder from New Zealand after a state agency said it found traces of DCD chemical in several brands of imported milk including those of Fonterra, New Zealand largest dairy product exporter.

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Fonterra also recalled baby formula from its customers including China and Saudi Arabia that had been contaminated with botulinus, a potentially fatal virus. Fonterra said Wednesday that it had completed the recall of the contaminated stock from shop shelves.

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Mahipala said health inspectors had been instructed to collect baby formula from shops in Sri Lanka.

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