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Sri Lanka obtains Rs 684 bn borrowings for the 4 months to April 2015

June 22, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s new administration has obtained 684.
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2 billion rupees gross borrowings for the first four months to April 2015, the cabinet spokesperson said last week. The approved amount of loans to be taken in the year 2015 is 1,780,000 million or 1780 billion.
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According to the data submitted by Ministry of Finance to the cabinet, the government has raised 311,706.85 million through Treasury bonds, 83,605.
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89 million though treasury bills and 113,589.
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65 million though Sri Lanka Development bonds. It also included 9,063.64 million as advance from the Central bank of Sri Lanka, 8,238.
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02 million rupees of bank overdraft. The total domestic borrowings is reported as 526,204.
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05 million rupees while foreign borrowings totaled 158,049.
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36 million rupees, data showed.
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