Sri Lanka hotel chain to tempt tourists with local flavours

June 24, 2007 (LBO) – Aitken Spence, a large Sri Lanka based hotel chain with operations in the Maldives and India, is laying out a new menu based on local cuisine and herbal spices. The company's 'Heritance' chain of hotels plans to introduce a range of authentic Sri Lankan dishes within the next two months, says Vajira Seneviratne, an ayurvedha and pharmaceutical specialist working with the company.

These will use local spices boasting herbal qualities which will attract more tourists, he said, at the promotion of the firm's newest addition to its hotel culinary list.

Traditional Advantage

The company wants to raise awareness of healthy food by using their own chefs to explain to the visitors the ingredients and characteristics of different dishes.

"We are opening a window to the world to show how valuable our food is.," Gemunu Goonawardena, head of Aitken Spence food and beverages, told reporters.

"This will be another avenue of attracting tourists and it will let them experience our own food,"

Sri Lankans have traditionally been used to adding about 40 different flavours to dishes, depending on the type of dish and the need for flavouring.

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