Sri Lanka hydro reservoirs get highest inflows in single day

Audrey Azoulay

May 14, 2013 (LBO) - An Indian Ocean cyclone named after an ancient Sri Lankan king who is famed for building irrigation tanks had brought the highest water inflows in a single day to the island's hydro power storage system. More water from yesterday's rain held in catchment areas are expected to flow into the reservoirs as it seeps down over the next few day.

King Mahasen who ruled Sri Lanka from 277 to 304 AD is famed for his large irrigation works.
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State-run Ceylon Electricity Board said 106 million cubic meters of water which can generate 144 million units of electricity (GigaWatt hours) had flowed in to the reservoirs in the 24 hours ending Tuesday morning.

The water is worth about 3.2 billion rupees in electricity based on the CEB's estimated cost of production of 23 rupees for 2013.

Hydro storage had risen to 794.4 GWh or 63.1 percent of total capacity from 52.6 percent or 661.5 GWh.

Sri Lanka started building dams for hydro power from the middle of the last century and now has about 1,200GWh of capacity in various reservoirs some of which are also used for irrigation and flood prevention.

The CEB said if not for the dams that kept the water from flowing down, the 106 cubic meters of flow

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