Sri Lanka Insurance provides three decades of unceasing assistance to Poson pilgrims of Anuradhapura

For more than 30 years, Sri Lanka Insurance (SLIC) has provided emergency assistance to pilgrims traveling to Anuradhapura for Poson poya. A large crowd of people gathers to Anuradhapura during the Poson season and Sri Lanka Insurance provides a unique service that tracks down lost individuals and belongings in and around the sacred city of Anuradhapura. The organsing committee of Sri Lanka Insurance also distributed booklets containing sacred Bodhi Pooja verses among pilgrims.

For the past three decades this program has been carried out in collaboration with the District Secretariat of Anuradhapura to provide this much-valued service for the millions of pilgrims visiting the ancient capital to commemorate Poson Poya. The main centre for this effort was located at Pethmaga, which functioned through five sub-centres at Mahamevuna Uyana, Sinha Kuluna, Mirisavetiya, Thuparama and Sanda Hiru Seya. The service was operated around the clock during this season and it was an overwhelming experience and a relief for the organisers to see pilgrims including elderly and little children who were misplaced/lost in the crowds united with their families again. 

As a responsible corporate citizen, Sri Lanka Insurance has consistently offered to give back to the communities where it operates in. SLIC actively promotes socio-cultural initiatives, which contribute to socio-economic sustainability across the nation by focusing its community efforts on three key pillars that is Children, Community and Culture. 

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