Sri Lanka lifts tsunami warning

Sept 12, 2007 (LBO) – Sri Lanka has lifted a tsunami warning and evacuation order issued after an 8.2 magnitude earthquake generated a small wave in Indonesia. Sri Lanka lifted the warning after Indonesia gave the all clear.

Police said residents along southern coastal settlements fled inland and to high ground when the tsunami alert was issued but that they were expected to return once the warning was lifted.

Sri Lankan youngsters enjoy a late swim at the beach in Colombo 12 September 2007, minutes after the government issued a tsunami alert asking people living in coastal areas to leave for safe places...

A Sri Lankan family enjoy a late walk on the beach in Colombo 12 September 2007...

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued an Indian Ocean-wide tsunami watch after the initial quake.

Thailand put coastal areas on alert but did not issue a warning.

Sri Lankan authorities expected small waves to reach the island by around 7.30 pm local time. The Pacific centre said waves could reach Sri Lanka by 8.

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