Sri Lanka Litro to reduce gas prices: Can further reduce after exposing corruption


June 14, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s state run, Litro Gas Lanka says it will reduce the prices of Litro Gas refills with effect from mid night, today.

“We are pleased to inform our customers that due to the new policies and procedures adopted, we have obtained the necessary approval to reduce our prices of Litro Gas refills with effect from 15th July 2015.” Litro Gas Lanka said in a notice to customers.

At an earlier press conference, Litro Gas Executive Chairman Shalila Moonasinghe was quoted saying that the prices would be reduced further by exposing alleged fraud and corruption in the company.

Moonasinghe was quoted as saying the prices were reduced due to that and will further reduce if the company gets the chance to expose more corruption and fraud.

However it was not revealed what corruption allegation the company exposed to reduce the prices of Gas.

Litro Gas was a privatized entity which was taken back to the state providing opportunities for corruption.

Accordingly the new prices of Litro Gas cylinder refills in Colombo will be as follows,

12.5kg LPGas Cylinder – Rs1,496.00
5kg LPGas Cylinder – Rs.632.00
2.3 kg LPGas Cylinder – Rs.300.00

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Kumara Soysa
Kumara Soysa
6 years ago

If you want to reduce prices then do it: you don’t have to wait to “expose frauds”.