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Sri Lanka MAS lingerie brand Amante to break even next year

Nov 29, 2009 (LBO) - A Sri Lanka launch may be on the cards within the next two years for MAS lingerie brand Amante, as the venture breaks even next year, led by its success in India. To break-even in three years is a huge achievement, said Ajay Amalean, Managing Director of MAS Corporate Solutions and Retail, India.

Declining to give details of earnings, Amalean said only that the brand has been growing 50 percent year on year since it was launched in 2007 and is currently among the top three lingerie brands in India.

"We have a lot of potential to grow in that market and we want to get India right and focus on being number one, a position we hope to reach in the next two years. We have the supply chain to get there.

"A launch in Sri Lanka may happen next year or even the year after and probably via retail outlets. Sri Lanka is more open to fashion than India is, but will probably want a cheaper price point."

There is no easily available estimate of the size of Sri Lanka’s lingerie market, but it is thought to be quite small.

There are also other potential markets in the region it could explore, Amalean says, such as South East Asian countries li

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