Sri Lanka may not dissolve parliament in April 2015: former SLFP minister

Mar 23, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka Freedom Party chief organizer, John Seneviratne told LBO that the country has a higher chance of not going for an election in April 2015.

“The president might not go for an election,” John Seneviratne told LBO.
“We have not agreed on an election as a party.”

Sri Lanka held its Presidential election in January this year which brought a regime change. The new government, who are following a 100 day strategy has formed a national government with 26 members from the opposition Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

The new regime had promised to dissolve parliament on April 23rd to call for an election in its 100 day programme.

Sri Lanka’s new rulers also plan to have a new electoral system which is still in its discussion stages with parties.

However Seneviratne said, the SLFP would not like to go for an election without a new electoral system implemented in the island.

“The President clearly said that an election will be held after implementing the new electoral system.”

When contacted United National Party parliamentarian and deputy Foreign minister, Ajith P Perer told LBO that parliament will be dissolved if only the promises are made which the new government promised.

“Earlier we had an idea to dissolve parliament with or without keeping promises of the 100 day programme, but now we have come to an understanding that we will fulfill all the promises and dissolve the parliament for an election,” Perera said.

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