Sri Lanka Muslim council condemns Paris attack


Nov 16, 2015 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s Muslim council on Monday condemned the ‘un-Islamic’ act of killing innocents in Paris last Friday.

Releasing a statement on behalf of the Muslim community in Sri Lanka, the council vehemently condemned and said terror has no place in Islam or in any civilized society.

There is no theological basis for any crime to be committed through terrorism or violence in the name of Islam, its President N M Ameen said.

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“It once again proves that ISIS is a non-Islamic terror group that is determined on tarnishing the image of Islam and Muslims around the world,” “Islam is a religion of mercy and tolerance that totally prohibits the taking of innocent lives. Islam forbids the killing of innocent civilians even during times of war.” the council said. The council said the international community needs to work together in eliminating the scourge of IS and all such other terror groups which create turmoil in the world. “The group violates Sharia law, which is not different to internationally recognized humanitarian law.” the council further said.
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