Sri Lanka needs more money for tsunami house re-building: World Bank

Dec 24, 2007 (LBO) – The World Bank says Sri Lanka needs more money to re-build houses destroyed in the 2004 December tsunami, and its program is lagging behind in the island's war-ravaged areas. World Bank says its program has helped restore the livelihoods of around 100,000 families and re-build 44,000 damaged houses.

"Together, the program has benefited directly more than 300,000 people," the World Bank said in a statement.

The Banks says as of March 2007 when the first part of the program ended, about 97 percent of the partly damaged houses and 62 percent of the fully damaged houses in seven districts have been completed.

"The remaining houses are under various stages of completion," the bank said.

"The reconstruction program in the North and East is likely to take some more time due to the ongoing conflict-related issues."

World Bank says there are still about 15,000 families in need of permanent housing, primarily landless families, but with only 8 million of the original funding remaining, more money is needed.

Despite the "overall differential spatial and community impacts" World Bank says its International Development Association (IDA), funded Tsunami Em

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