Sri Lanka needs more Sinhala, Tamil online content: CPA media Survey


Jan 29, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s web usage would increase if more content was available in Sinhala and Tamil, a new media survey by the Centre for Policy Alternatives (CPA) said.

If the device that they use to access the web supported Sinhala and/or Tamil fonts, almost 50 percent of the respondents agreed their usage would increase, a top-line report titled Consumption and Perceptions of Mainstream and Social Media in the Western Province said.

When asked if their web usage would increase if more content or sites were available in Sinhala and/or Tamil, 57.1 percent of respondents agreed while 21.1 percent said that it would not increase.

The survey said 60.2 percent of respondents feel that they spend more time online when compared to time spent online one year ago.

“28.1 percent feel that they spend the same amount of time and 10 percent feel they spend less time online compared to one year ago.”

60.4 percent of respondents said that their online consumption would increase if they could afford to pay for more data usage. 26.1 percent disagreed with this statement while 13.5 percent are undecided.



40.8 percent of respondents said that the lack of time limits them from using the Internet to the fullest extent they would like to, while around 38 percent said the price of the monthly Internet connection and connectivity limited them as well. For 17.2 percent of respondents, the data package on their smart phone or tablet limited their Internet usage.

When asked what their service providers can do to increase their Internet usage, 40.2 percent said better speed for their connection, while 37.5 percent said increased data package. 35.5 percent will increase their Internet usage if their monthly rental cost was reduced. 9.5 percent of respondents said that their Internet usage did not need to be increased.

If their Internet service provider can increase the Internet speed significantly, but at a higher cost, 30.8 percent of respondents say that they would consider upgrading while 42.5 percent said that they would maybe consider upgrading. 20.9 percent would not consider it.


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Nagulendran Nagulendran
Nagulendran Nagulendran
5 years ago

Thanks and very useful