Sri Lanka Nestle unit opens milk centre in former war-zone

Aug 29, 2010 (LBO) – Nestle Lanka, a unit of Swiss based Nestle, has opened a milk chilling centre in the former war-zone of Kilinochchi in the north of Sri Lanka, to buy milk for hundreds of dairy farmer in the area, the food firm said in a statement. It will also distribute equipment and material such as milk churns and hampers containing cattle feed.

The centre can store 1,600 litres of milk collected at six points in Kandawalai, Visuwuamadhu, Wattakachchi, Kilinochchi, Uruththirapuram and Iranamadu areas.

The firm is now collecting milk from 100 families, but the number is expected to increase to 500 after the facility becomes operational. The centre was opened by Sri Lanka’s speaker Chamal Rajapaksa and Environmental minister Anura Yapa, the firm said.

Nestle said it was today the Sri Lanka’s single largest collector of fresh milk, taking in 115,000 milk every day from 13,000 dairy farmers. It has 107 chilling centres and plans to build eight more this year.

“Our 107th chilling centre is the first in the Killinochi area and we hope it will accelerate economic development and prosperity for the people in this region,” Nestle Lanka chairman Antonio Helio Waszyk said in a statement.

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