Sri Lanka Nurses’ Union insists immediate action to stop A H1N1 turns epidemic


June 22, 2015 (LBO) – All Ceylon Nurses’ Union has called on the health ministry to sketch a speedy programme to curb A H1N1 virus before turning it into an epidemic in Sri Lanka.

As per the Union, by last week, over 25 people severely affected with the virus have died.

“Most of them between the ages of 15 and 45.” the Nurses’ union said.

However according to a circular issued by the health ministry this month, those below 2 years and over 65 years old are at high risk.

Pregnant women, those with chronic lung, heart (excluding hypertension), metabolic, renal, liver or neurological disease and immuno suppressed patients are also facing a high risk.

All Ceylon Nurses’ Union says the virus is being spreading inside hospitals from 2009 and authorities have failed to stop spreading the virus further.

“Health workers should be provided with the immune vaccine treatment and the hospitals need to be equipped with necessary equipments to serve the public better,” the union stressed.

“There is also a risk of spreading the decease in schools, tuition classes and in public transportation, so there should be a program to educate the public.”

Currently the anti viral therapy has been limited for patients admitted to hospitals since the indiscriminate use of anti viral drugs may result in developing drug resistance.

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