Sri Lanka offered investment by Canadian business council

June 03, 2009 (LBO) – Two bilateral business councils promoting trade and investment between Sri Lanka and Canada have offered their support to revive the island’s economy with the end of the ethnic war. The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, which represents the Sri Lanka-Canada business councils, said they had written to President Mahinda Rajapaksa offering support especially in infrastructure.

There is tremendous potential in reviving tourism now that the country is free from terror, the councils said in their letter to Rajakapsa.

Power and energy, solid waste management, waste water treatment, low-cost housing, highways and bridges, transport and logistics and information technology are some of the areas of expertise where Canada could investment in quickly, they said.

Canada is home to almost 200,000 Canadians of Sri Lankan origin, many of whom left the island to escape the ethnic war that began in 1983.

Rajapaksa has urged the Sri Lankan diaspora to invest in or return to the country and also called for foreign investments.

His call was made soon after government forces crushed Tamil Tiger rebel remnants and wiped out their entire top leadership after cornering them on the north