Sri Lanka official reserves drop by USD1bn in January

Feb 08, 2016 (LBO) – Sri Lanka’s official reserves have dropped by one billion US dollars to 6,301.25 million dollars in January 2016 from 7,303.64 million dollars from a month ago, Central Bank data showed.

Sri Lanka’s reserves are categorized in terms of five main items namely: foreign currency reserves, IMF reserves, special drawing rights, gold reserves and other reserve assets.

The drop in reserves was mainly due to the fall of foreign currency reserves by 1.04 billion US dollars to 5,429.88 million US dollars by end January 2016.

As at the end of last month IMF reserves were at 66.10 million US dollars while special drawing rights were at 6.70 million US dollars.

Gold reserves were at 797.60 million US dollars where as other reserve assets stood at 0.97 million US dollars.