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Sri Lanka online journalist shot in capital

Oct 31, 2007 (LBO) - A media rights body has called for an open inquiry in to the shooting of an online journalist in Colombo, days after government withdrew the license of a radio station and politicians verbally attacked news websites.

Although the Free Media Movement (FMM) does not have any evidence to blame any party for this shooting, it said it expresses its serious concern that another journalist has been shot at and earnestly request the government to conduct an open and speedy inquiry into the shooting.

Journalist Kumudu Champika Jayawardana of was shot at around 11.45pm last night in Colombo, on his way home from office, the Free Media Movement said.

He was admitted to Colombo General Hospital and underwent an urgent operation. He was riding his motorbike home when he was shot at on Nawala road, Rajagiriya, was recently launched as the web site of the popular Sinhala language TV channel Sirasa. Sirasa is part of the MTV/MBC media network own by Capitol Maharaja Organisation Limited. Jayawardana is the news editor of www.
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FMM said two men in shorts had tried to stop his motorbike by hand signal but Jayawardene had ridden past them and had been shot from behind. <

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